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    COVID-19 updates for WTC schools (March 27, 2020)

    This is a March 27, 2020 update of  news we have from various WTC schools about their classes and services in response to the current COVID-19 health crisis:

    Byzantine Catholic Seminary online courses will continue as scheduled. Resident seminarians have been sent home.

    Catholic University School of Theology….:  All classes going online for the semester. Libraries are now closed; most staff working…


    Is There Divine “Judgment” In All This?

    Well, probably not in the traditional sense of God causing medieval plagues and the like. But the Corono-virus brings a kind of “judgment” by exposing weaknesses in society and our lives. Given social distancing, we can use this as a time of introspection and change for all of us. Here are a few thoughts about what God may be calling…


    Know the Best Science about the Coronavirus–from AAAS

    Excellent Resources from our friends at the Dialogue of Science and Religion at the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, including links to the CDC, popular and scientific journals.

    Click on: https://www.aaas.org/sites/default/files/2020-03/2020%20special%20announcement%20-%20COVID%2019.pdf

    Thank you DOSER for helping us understand the nature of this virus and what we can do to protect our families, friends, churches, and communities.

    Larry Golemon…


    Is the Eucharist the Key to Ecumenical Unity?

    See the video of the remarkable Figel address given by the recipient of the Consortium’s Ecumenism Award, Msgr. Paul McPartlan.  He makes the case for the Eucharist as the key to recent and future dialogues around Christian unity.   If the Eucharist is at the heart of the Church, and if various churches and ecclesial communities can affirm its central meaning…


    Journey of a Former White Supremacist Videos available

    See the video of the remarkable Tachmindji 2019 panel:  “The Power of Community: the Journey of a Former White Supremacist.”  This event featured a focused discussion lead by Marc Gopin of George Mason University with three young adults:  Matthew Stevenson, Alison Gornick, and Derek Black,  about one’s transition from a world of white privilege and dominance to one of greater…


    Statement on Anti-Religious Violence in Houses of Prayer

    The statement below, adopted by the WTC Boards in November of 2018, sadly remains relevant into 2020.  Recent acts of violence at an Hasidic Rabbi’s home in New York and a shooting at a Christian Church in Texas add to the string of attacks against Muslims in New Zealand, Christians in Sri Linka, and Jews across the nation: from the…


    Highlights of 2019 made Possible with Your Support!

    From exploring Ecumenical Parishes, to Mary in Muslim-Christian Dialogue and from the Journey of a Former White Supremacist to the Apocalypse in Bible and Art, your gifts have made possible stellar public outreach and specialized student programs. Visit Highlights of this year’s work in out 2019 photo collage or give at: https://washtheocon.org/donate .

    Your gifts go entirely toward programs for students,…


    Who Still Crosses the Aisle?

    Who in this frayed world still crosses the aisle?…   Well people of faith in churches and other houses of worship do!   People of different political commitments can still cross the aisle of the sanctuary to share the Peace and catch up.   This religious fabric is one of the few places left in our country where people with different politics can…


    WTC Spring Courses Posted for Cross-Registration!

    Almost 200 courses are available this spring for cross registration in the Consortium Schools.  Every subject area imaginable, from languages to theology to arts, homiletics and more is there! Here’s how to find a course and register!

    1) Scan the “Search Courses” page by semester and subject matter to see what is available that fits your interest  and schedule. (Remember, some…