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  • Tachmindji Event for Interfaith Dialogue

    The Tachmindji Event is one of the premier events of the Consortium, made possible by the vision of Diane Tachmindji. View more information about upcoming and past  events below.  The Event is dedicated to interreligious dialogue,  currently focusing on interfaith dialogue and peacemaking.

    2014: Christian-Jewish Reconciliation: The Unfinished Business

    Dr. Joseph Montville of George Mason University reflected on this important and timely topic at American University in October 2014.


    2013: Where Religion and Peacebuilding Meet National Security

    In October 2013, Dr. Lisa Schirch, from the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding of Eastern Mennonite University addressed “Where Religion and Peacebuilding Meet National Security” through her story as a Mennonite and her experiences in the Middle East and Afghanistan. The audience included diplomats, policy makers, church leaders, educators and students in diplomacy and theological studies.


    2012: Interfaith Paths to Peace

    Dr. Marc Gopin addressed a diverse crowd of students, religious leaders,faculty, and public-minded laity on this topic in October 2012 at American University. Dr. Gopin spoke of “on the ground” peacemaking that keeps hope and progress alive.


    2011: From the Age of Monologue to the Age of Global Dialogue

    Dr. Leonard Swidler addressed a diverse audience at Virginia Theological Seminary on this engaging topic.
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