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  • Libraries of the Consortium

    The libraries of the Washington Theological Consortium contain over two million volumes in theology and related disciplines. Students and faculty members who hold a currently valid ID from a Consortium school are eligible for borrowing privileges at  the following libraries during the academic year, and, on a more limited basis, during the summer months.  Students and faculty members need to have the WTC Library Borrowing Form signed by their home librarian, plus a valid school ID to present to the other libraries for borrowing privileges to begin.

    A faculty member or student who wishes to borrow books must first present a Consortium Form (WTC Library Borowing Form Aug 2017) validated for the current semester and signed by the home librarian from the Consortium member school, and a  current faculty or student ID card from the Consortium member school (that includes or is accompanied by photo ID).

    The staffs of the libraries are prepared to assist you, to explain their collections in more detail, and to answer your questions.

    We have a close cooperative relationship with the Library of Congress.

    Go here for a WTC Libraries List