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  • Events

    Below are listed all upcoming events sponsored by the Washington Theological Consortium.

    You may also view videos of past WTC events at Orientale Lumen YouTube Channel

    Interfaith Leadership Forum Inaugural Event--At full capacity!

    The inaugural event of the new Interfaith Leadership Forum will explore how to deepen interfaith work in religious communities, professional life, and our culture.


    Al-Alwani Event on Interfaith Visions of Peace

    Join us for a virtual event that explores Interfaith Visions of Peace that include Muslim, Hindu, and Christian perspectives on Peacebuilding and their impact on today’s conflicted world.  


    Student Sermon Slam November 14--Virtual Event!

    RSVP for the Virtual Event Like a poetry slam, where artists share their work to an admiring public, the Annual Sermon Slam brings preachers from each of the Consortium schools to share their homiletical gifts and personal styles. Each preacher …