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    Below are listed all upcoming events sponsored by the Washington Theological Consortium. For a flyer of this years’ events visit Consortium Events Spring 2019


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    Ecumenism Award and Figel Address Wed. February 27 "Communing with God and One Another"

    Dr. Mitzi Budde, former President of the North American Association of Ecumenists, Lutheran Deacon, and Professor and Librarian at Virginia Theological Seminary,  will receive the Consortium’s annual Ecumenism Award for 2019 and offer this year’s Figel Address on Ecumenism. She will address “Communing with God and One Another: A theological…


    Healthy Boundaries in Ministry: Professional Ethics and Sexuality

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    Why This Workshop?

    This event, hosted at Howard University School of Divinity, will explore the vocational and professional challenges of healthy relationships and issues of sexual misconduct in an ECUMENICAL context and with peers in other churches. It…


    Sermon Slam at United Lutheran Seminary, Saturday March 30

    This year’s sermon slam takes place at the ULS campus in Gettysburg.   Yes, it’s a trek, but the skill, suspense, and student fellowship are well worth it!  After all, it’s the famous Gettysburg, and a visit to the seminary (where the historic battle began!) is a unique opportunity.  Carpools will…


    Mary the Mother of Jesus: a Connection for Muslims and Christians?

    Maryam and Isa, Persian miniature, public domain    

    How do Muslims view Mary compared to Christians? Does she provide a bridge or a barrier for dialogue and mutual theological reflection?

    Both religions have traditions about Mary’s birth, childhood, the Annunciation and the birth of Jesus. Most Christians do not know…



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