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    April 1, 2022 | By lgolemon
    Categories: Students

    Ever taken a course in Eastern Christianity?… the history of the Latinx church?…  homiletics in the Black church, or the Greek exegesis of the gospels?   

    The WTC Registrar, Christy Hammett, has just posted all the courses we have for summer and next fall on our website, under “Search Courses”.   Schools that we have heard from include:   BCS, CUA, PFIC, RTS, VTS, and Wesley.  We expect to have the others soon!  There are many courses in person again and a number of online options. 

    Remember the Consortium offers courses that not only may fill a requirement for a course in another tradition at your school, but they also offer specialized areas of study your school may not offer in any given semester:   languages, Biblical seminars, distinct theological voices and traditions, distinctive religious histories and countless specialties in practical theology, religious education, and practices of ministry.  There are also focused courses in our Certificates of study:   Ecumenism, Muslim-Christian dialogue, Criminal Justice and Reconciliation, and Ecology and Theology.    Few schools in the country have such an opportunity!