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    Thank you for supporting the work of the Consortium and its members.  Your tax-deductible gift creates new opportunities for emerging religious leaders to study and develop their gifts for Ecumenical Unity and Interreligious Understanding.  All individual donor gifts got o STUDENT PROGRAMS related to our Certificates in Ecumenism, Muslim-Christian dialogue,  Ecology and Theology, and Criminal Justice and Reconciliation; the specialized immersion course with rabbinical students in Jewish-Christian studies; and Student Board events for ecumenical fellowship, discussion, and the now famous Sermon Slam.

    During this 50th Anniversary year, we ask you to give as you can, according to  examples of what each gift can bring:

    $50  supports an award for one of the prize-winning Sermon Slam preachers

    $100  supports textbooks for a seminarian or an inmate in Criminal Justice course at local incarceration facility.

    $150 supports stipend for one faculty member to lecture for ecumenical or interfaith topic at another school.

    $300 covers ecumenical student dinners at religious study houses each September (Dominicans, Benedictines, Sulpicians, Franciscans, Capuchins, Paulists and more).

    $400 covers transportation for a Jewish, Muslim or Christian student to attend the annual immersion course in inter-religious dialogue

    $600  covers overnight accommodations and board for the week-long immersion course.

    $750  covers travel and accommodations for Appalachian immersion course in Ecology and Theology.

    $1000  supports field education placement in Interfaith, Ecumenical or Ecology and Religion settings.

    $3000  covers adjunct faculty cost for Muslim or Jewish educators, teacher of Black Church and Ecumenism course, or Criminal Justice practicum.

    We invite your prayers, suggestions and your ongoing financial support for this work.



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