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    Religious Scapegoating: Is it necessary?

    I grew up in a moderate Protestant community in conservative Texas.  I often heard anti-Catholic remarks like, “they promote superstition; they aren’t real Christians” (thankfully not at my church).  Perhaps some fundamentalist and nativist Texans felt a need to distinguish their kind of Christianity from other believers, but was it necessary to do it by scapegoating?

    Recently, I visited a significant…


    Youth Visions for Peace Oct. 29

    Young people bring new visions of peace to war-torn regions of the globe.  “Seeds of Peace” fosters peace-loving friendships and conflict resolution skills among youth from all over the world.   Two of these Seeds, one Israeli and one Palestinian, join renowned expert Aaron David Miller on Oct. 29 at evening event and reception at American University. Join us!…


    Reformation Commemoration and Polemics in Art

    Outstanding Reformation Conference at Yale Divinity School this week–with historians and theologians who dared to inquire about the Reformation’s impact today.  During the Conference, Yale unveiled an historic Portrait of Reformers patterned after 1640’s lithographs common in England and the Netherlands.   Recent restoration unveils Catholic opponents at foot of the table who confess: “The Candle is lighted, and we cannot…


    McKibben on Keep it in the Ground at Yale

    Over a thousand came out to hear Bill McKibben on closing opportunity gap for Environmental action at Yale University–huge crowd in Woolsey Hall.  Amazing introduction by Mary Evelyn Tucker of Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology.  Challenge to get busy on school investment portfolios, actions to slow or halt petroleum infrastructures, and to move forward with 100% renewables. Preceded by…


    Best Bibliography of Ecumenism in the Country

    The Bibliographies about Ecumenism have been updated through June 2017.  This is the finest annotated bibliography on the topic in the U.S., and we hope students, faculty, and the public will use it to keep up on the latest scholarship. Our thanks to Dr. Mitzi Budde of Virginia Theological Seminary for providing this invaluable resource.

    Link to http://washtheocon.org/resources/


    Faculty Event with Smithsonian Archivist in Religion April 19

    Wednesday, April 19, 11 am – noon (optional lunch following)
    at the Smithsonian Museum of American History (meeting room)
    National Mall at Constitution Ave and 14th St. NW in D.C.
    (near Federal Triangle Metro Stop)
    Presentation: “Objects of Devotion: Religion in America at the Smithsonian”
    RSVP:     [email protected] or call 202-832-2675
    No charge, optional lunch at restaurant will be covered.
    Thanks to Dr. Mitzi Budde and…


    Spring Sermon Slam is Here! April 1

    Join students from all the Consortium Schools for food, drink, fellowship and some of the finest young preachers in the region!   Preachers from each of the schools will share a short sermon on a theme, then draw a random passage from a hat, and deliver an impromptu mini-sermon… Be moved, cheer, vote for your favorites!… and share a great…


    Eastern Christian Seminary joins Consortium!

    We have a new member and partner in the Consortium!   The Byzantine Catholic Seminary of St’s. Cyril and Methodius (in Pittsburgh) was accepted as a new member at the February WTC Board meeting, and they will officially join us as a “satellite member” as of July 1 (in time for fall cross-registration!).  The school brings faculty in the Byzantine…


    Prayer and Science…

    In my tradition, we were originally taught that prayer is largely for us to re-orient ourselves to God’s will, but it did not truly move God.  Now I wonder….

    “Does God Answer Prayer?” is being addressed by a nationally known expert in Religion and Science:   Dr. Nancy Abrams this Monday, January 30, from 6:30-8:00 pm at Wesley.   Dr. Abrams…


    Say “Ramadan Mubarek” or “Happy Ramadan” to a neighbor

    When you see a Muslim neighbor at work, the market, or on the sidewalk, consider a simple wish of good-will this month:  “Ramadan Mubarak (Moo-baa-rak)!” which means “Ramadan’s Blessings to you!”   “Happy Ramadan” also captures the spirit of this most holy of holidays, when Muslims fast all day, pray more fervently, and increase acts of charity .  The midsummer,…