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  • Faculties’ Convocations

    Faculty convocations are regular events at which WTC Faculty can engage with one another on a topic of ecumenical or social significance. Below are some recent examples of faculty convocations. For information on upcoming Faculty Convocations, check our events page for updates.

    2016:Theology and Reconciliation in a Polarized Society

    Wesley Theological Seminary

    September 29, 2016

    Panel of Faculty Representatives:

    Moderator:  Dr. Elizabeth Kimball, Virginia Theological Seminary
    Fr. James Brent, OP, PhD, PFIC at the Dominican House
    Dr. Dean Trulear, Howard University School of Divinity
    Dr. Rick Elgendy, Wesley Theological Seminary

    Convocation 2016 Panel Bios


    2015: Marriage, Family, and Sexuality: Theological, Moral, and Pastoral Implications”

    Virginia Theological Seminary

    September 28, 2015

    Panel of Faculty Representatives:

    Moderator: Kristin Johnston-Largen, Gettysburg Seminary
    Dr. Alton B. Pollard III, Howard University School of Divinity
    Dr. John Grabowski, Catholic University of America
    Dr. Sondra Wheeler, Wesley Theological Seminary
    Dr. Timothy Sedgwick, Virginia Theological Seminary
    Dr. Jeffrey Willetts, John Leland Center for Theological Studies
    Kimberly Eskridge, John Leland graduate

    Faculty Panel Bios


    2014: Reframing Theological Anthropology for an Ecological Age

    Catholic University of America

    September 29, 2014
    Faculty Discussing

    Presentation by Dr. Jame Schaefer, Marquette University

    Synopsis of Schaefer Address


    2013: Reframing the Civil War:  Religion, Race and Culture

    with Gettysburg and Howard Faculty at the Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg and new Seminary Ridge Museum

    Saturday, September 21, 2013

    faculty audience 1 crop

    Faculties Convocation 2013 Photos


    2012:  Theology in the Public Sphere

    The John Leland Center,  September 2012


    Drs. Garry Dorrien and Shaun Casey