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    COVID-19 updates for WTC schools (March 27, 2020)

    This is a March 27, 2020 update of  news we have from various WTC schools about their classes and services in response to the current COVID-19 health crisis:

    Byzantine Catholic Seminary online courses will continue as scheduled. Resident seminarians have been sent home.

    Catholic University School of Theology….:  All classes going online…


    Is There Divine “Judgment” In All This?

    Well, probably not in the traditional sense of God causing medieval plagues and the like. But the Corono-virus brings a kind of “judgment” by exposing weaknesses in society and our lives. Given social distancing, we can use this as a time of introspection and change for all of…


    Is the Eucharist the Key to Ecumenical Unity?

    Figel Address with McPartlan now online

    See the video of the remarkable Figel address given by the recipient of the Consortium’s Ecumenism Award, Msgr. Paul McPartlan.  He makes the case for the Eucharist as the key to recent and future dialogues around Christian unity.   If the Eucharist is at the heart of the Church, and if…


    Journey of a Former White Supremacist Videos available

    See the video of the remarkable Tachmindji 2019 panel:  “The Power of Community: the Journey of a Former White Supremacist.”  This event featured a focused discussion lead by Marc Gopin of George Mason University with three young adults:  Matthew Stevenson, Alison Gornick, and Derek Black,  about one’s transition from a…

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