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  • Hate and Healing: New Testament Interpretations

    May 16, 2022 | By lgolemon
    Categories: Public, Faculty, Students

    The event, on JUNE 4 at MOTB, called “Hate and Healing: A New Testament Dialogue,” will feature three dialogue sessions with panelists from four different Christian communities — Baptist, Roman Catholic, Latter-day Saint, and Seventh-day Adventist — with a full 20 minutes for audience questions after each session. The panelists will consider three interrelated topics:

    • how their community has interpreted this passage generally
    • how their community has engaged with this passage during a particular period of intense opposition in their history
    • the ways in which their community’s interpretation of the passage might contribute to healing our present culture of divisiveness.

    Between the sessions, there will be two specially curated tours that highlight how the museum’s collections, exhibits, and educational programs intersect with the biblical passage. A special lunch reception will also be offered.