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  • Consortium Certificates

    The following Certificates allow concentrated study in areas of ecumenism or interreligious dialogue, and they equip students for specialized ministry or service in these areas. Certificates are now available in Ecumenism, Muslim-Christian studies,  Ecology and Theology, and Criminal Justice and Reconciliation.

    Certificate in Ecumenism

    Why Study Ecumenism Today? (Dr. Larry Golemon, Certificate Director)

    Ecumenism is the witness to Christian unity and the work toward its greater realization–through theological dialogue, liturgical renewal, and collaboration in ministry…


    Certificate in Muslim-Christian Studies

    A joint program sponsored by GSISS, the Heritage Trust, and the Washington Theological Consortium.

    The purposes of the Taha Al-Alwani Certificate in Muslim-Christian Studies are (a) to give students a deeper…


    Certificate in Ecology and Theology

    The Consortium has a new Certificate of study in Ecology and Theology, in response to growing church commitments to address the ecological crisis, Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ and the work of…


    Certificate in Criminal Justice and Reconciliation

    The Pressing Need
    Mass Incarceration in the US has become a major concern for political, social and religious leaders throughout the country due in part to the large number of persons…