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    A joyful welcome to the world of theological education, which includes over a dozen member schools and institutions of the Washington Theological Consortium. For decades the Consortium has made possible the cooperative learning, library sharing, and student events that encourage ecumenical education as part of your seminary or graduate studies journey.

    Because you study in a member institution of the Consortium, you have the following opportunities and privileges.

    New and Prospective Students

    Born out of the ecumenical visions of Vatican II, the World and National Council of Churches, and renewed by the interdenominational work of Christian Churches United, the Washington Theological Consortium…


    Cross Registration Procedures

    Consortium  students in a Master’s Program may cross-register into any Consortium School during Fall and Spring terms, provided the course title is listed here.
    Students from schools with January and Summer terms (Byzantine,…


    Library Borrowing

    In the Consortium, students and faculty have borrowing privileges at  11 different theological libraries across the Metro region and in Gettysburg, Philadelphia and Richmond.   the collection offers over 2.5…


    Consortium Certificates

    The following Certificates allow concentrated study in areas of ecumenism or interreligious dialogue, and they equip students for specialized ministry or service in these areas. Certificates are now available in…


    Student Board Members

    Welcome to the Student Board Page!
    Here you find information for your WTC student representative. We are here to serve you so please let us know how we can help you. The…


    Academic Calendar

    While many Consortium members follow a similar academic calendar, some vary in their semester start and end dates and their vacations/breaks. Others offer special terms in the Winter or Summer…