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  • Websites on Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue

    This page provides links to reliable resources on Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue for study and for ministry. We update these links periodically. If you discover any links to be broken or to have changed, please contact us.


    Association of Interchurch Families: http://www.interchurchfamilies.org/

    Canadian Centre for Ecumenism: http://www.oikoumene.ca/.

    Centro Pro Unione’s links to bilateral dialogues: http://www.prounione.urbe.it/dia-int/e_dialogues.html.

    Christian Churches Together: a network of Catholic, Orhodox, Protestant, Evangelical/Pentecostal churches that promote mutual understanding, dialogue, and common witness: http://christianchurchestogether.org .

    Dr. Steven Harmon’s Blog:   A Baptist professor and ecumenist seeks to educate young adults on the ecumenical movement through the rock music of U2. http://ecclesialtheology.blogspot.com/.

    Ecumenism in Canada (and beyond): http://ecumenism.net/.
    Despite its name, this is a comprehensive website with worldwide ecumenical links and information, covering Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, United States, Europe.

    Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Department for Ecumenical Affairs. Ecumenical Conversation Starters: https://www.elca.org/~/media/Files/Who%20We%20Are/Ecumenical%20and%20Inter%20Religious%20Relations/ConversationStarters.ashx.

    Global Christian Forum:   new conversations between Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and free churches on a variety of topics. http://www.globalchristianforum.org

    National Council of Churches of Christ, USA: Historic ecumenical organization supporting dialogue and collaborative Christian action:  http://www.ncccusa.org.

    The Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity: http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/pontifical_councils/chrstuni/index.htm.

    United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Ecumenical & Interreligious Affairs: http://www.usccb.org/beliefs-and-teachings/ecumenical-and-interreligious/index.cfm.

    Washington Theological Consortium Ecumenical Bibliography: http://washtheocon.org/resources/.
    Dr. Mitzi Budde’s annotated list of recent journal articles and books in ecumenism, updated quarterly each year.

    Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Resources (new resources posted annually): http://www.geii.org/week_of_prayer_for_christian_unity/index.html.

    World Council of Churches Index of Ecumenical Dialogues: http://www.ecumenism.net/docu/dialogue.htm.




    Christian-Jewish Relations – Archived Press Releases http://www.adl.org/PresRele/ChJew_31/default.htm

     The Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations http://www.ccjr.us

    Dialogika http://www.ccjr.us/dialogika-resources  
    Current journal from the Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations (CCJR) and the Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations of Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia.

    International Council of Christians and Jews http://www.iccj.org

    International Fellowship of Christians and Jews http://www.ifcj.org

    Internet Resources for the Study of Judaism and Christianity http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/~jtreat/rs/resources.html

    Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies   http://icjs.org
    Independent institute dedicated to community-based education and dialogue around Jewish, Christian, and now Muslim issues.

    Jewish-Christian Relations http://www.jcrelations.net

    The Sister Rose Thering Jewish-Christian-Islamic Virtual Media Library http://tltc.shu.edu/vml



    Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding,
    Georgetown University 
    Renowned center for interfaith dialogue, focused on Muslim-Christian relations.

    International Institute for Islamic Thought  http://www.isna.net
    Worldwide Institute for advancing Islamic thought in the modern world.

    Institute for Islam and the Sciences
    Virginia International University http://iisviu.eventbrite.com/

    Islamic Society of North America http://www.isna.net
    Leading national organization for education and collaboration among Muslim communities. Also engaged in significant inter-religious work.

    Muslim-Christian Dialogue Center University of St. Thomas  http://www.stthomas.edu/mcdc/links/



    Cross Currents http://www.aril.org

    Current Dialogue 
    Online Journal from World Council of Churches

    The Interfaith Observer http://theinterfaithobserver.org

    Interreligious Insight http://www.interreligiousinsight.org/

    Journal of Comparative Theology http://www.comparativetheology.org
    Scholarly articles related to this new movement to utilize interfaith resources in constructive theology.

    Journal of Interreligious Studies http://irstudies.org
    Relevant, scholarly online journal for interreligious studies.

    On Faith http://newsweek.washingtonpost.com/onfaith
    News journal of latest religious developments.

    Ravelunravel http://ravelunravel.com
    A collection of short videos made by a variety of individuals about their religious identities and their experiences in the world.

    Religious News Service http://www.religionnews.com
    Progressive review of religious news, their communities, and their social impact.

    World Scripture: A Compared Anthology of Sacred Texts http://origin.org/ucs/ws/ws.cfm

    Worldwide Faith News http://www.wfn.org



    All Dulles Area Muslim Society, Sterling VA http://www.adamscenter.org
    One of the leading Mosques in the United States, dedicated to interreligious dialogue and peace.

    Center for Anglican Communion Studies, Virginia Theological Seminary http://www.vts.edu/anglican
    Explores the global Anglican Communion, including relations to other religions.

    Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington http://ifcmw.org
    Composed of numerous religious communities in the region, offering dialogues, resources, and public events.

    Institute for Interreligious Study and Dialogue
    Catholic University of America 
    Dedicated to bringing interreligious studies to the university and wider community.

    Paulist Office of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs https://www.paulist.org/ecumenism/ecumenical-interfaith-leadership
    Supports community based dialogues, teaching materials around ecumenical and interfaith relations around the country.



    Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions            http://www.parliamentofreligions.org/
    An organization that is committed to respecting differences and working together on common issues across faith communities.

    The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life http://pewforum.org
    One of the leading research centers on religious trends and attitudes in the U.S.

    The Pluralism Project http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~pluralsm/
    A Harvard run institution that is dedicated to pluralistic living among all world religions in the United States and across the world.

    Pontifical Council on Interreligious Dialogue
    Center of the Vatican’s global dialogue with other religions.

    United Religions Initiative http://www.uri.org/
    An organization that is committed to promoting interfaith understanding and works on a daily basis across the globe.

    United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
    Secreatariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs  http://usccb.org/beliefs-and-teachings/ecumenical-and-interreligious/index.cfm
    Coordinates most dialogues between the Roman Catholic Church and other faiths in the U.S.

    World Interfaith Congress http://www.worldfaiths.org/
    An organization that ties different faiths together under an umbrella of common values.

    The World Council of Religious Leaders http://www.millenniumpeacesummit.org
    Organization that is dedicated to peace through interfaith works. Good resource for those interested in world-wide interfaith activities.



    Center for Justice and Peacebuilding
    Eastern Mennonite University http://www.emu.edu/cjp/
    Leading national center of peace education, training, and advocacy—including the positive role of religions in the process.

    Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution
    George Mason University http://crdc.gmu.edu
    Leading center of research, teaching, and peacemaking work that focuses on the role of religious life and practice in peacebuilding around the world.

    International Center for Religion and Diplomacy  http://icrd.org/
    Organization that tries to resolve world crisis through interfaith dialogue and activities.

    Religions for Peace   http://www.wcrp.org/
    An organization that centers its work on building a peaceful future through intellectual dialogue across faiths and interfaith rooted proposals.

    School of International Service
    American University http://www.american.edu/sis/ipcr/index.cfm
    Studies the shape and role of diplomacy in the modern world, and how positive engagement with religions can be integrated in that work.

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