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    Born out of the ecumenical visions of Vatican II, the World and National Council of Churches, and renewed by the interdenominational work of Christian Churches United, the Washington Theological Consortium creates multiple opportunities for you to be shaped in your own faith tradition alongside the journey of learning with and from Christians from other traditions.

    New Student Prayer Service & Orientation

    Welcome to the Washington Theological Consortium Schools! This event is held every September and features a truly ecumenical prayer service put on by the WTC Student Board. It will include readings, songs, prayers and a challenging homily by students. Dr. Larry Golemon will also give an orientation to the workings of the Consortium, and field any questions you may have!

    View our most recent virtual prayer service and orientation event from 2023 below.

    Check our events page each fall for information on how to register and participate in this event!

    Typically, the event is held at one of the member schools in September and followed by dinner at houses of religious orders (Dominicans, Benedictines, Paulists, Franciscans, Carmelites, and more).

    About the Consortium

    The Washington Theological Consortium is one of the most diverse in the country, because we have schools from Roman Catholic, Anglican, mainline Protestant and Evangelical traditions. Whatever kind of Christian you meet in your ministry—through pulpit exchanges, shared liturgies, community work, or teaching and youth work—you can have met someone through the Consortium that you might meet in real ministry life. You can also sit down in study and common work with people of other faiths, through our growing partnerships with many Associate and Affiliate Members, including the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation, Saint Paul’s College, the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences and the Institute for Islamic, Christian and Jewish Studies. 

    In the wider Consortium community, our common mission is to fulfill Jesus’ prayer in John 17, “that they may be one”—which he repeats over and over, like a mantra. Our unity as Christians rests in the unity between Jesus and his Father, and it can only be completed by the ongoing work of the Spirit. This calls for ongoing prayer, celebration of the unity we have in Christ, and an ecumenical imagination that can build our ties in new and lasting ways. We invite you to join in this ecumenical journey. You see, it just this simple… and just this hard!