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    New Oxford Handbook of Ecumenical Studies, ed. Paul McPartlan

    The Oxford Handbook of Ecumenical Studies
    Edited by Geoffrey Wainwright, of blessed memory, and Paul McPartlan, Catholic University of America
    This Oxford Handbook

    Offers the most comprehensive account and assessment of the ecumenical movement
    Provides a rich source of information and reflection on many aspects of ecumenism from 50 expert contributors of many nationalities and traditions
    Offers a global perspective, showing how…


    Congratulations Graduates!!

    These Masters graduates from the John Leland Center are among the hundreds of graduates from the Consortium’s theological schools. There are many-year PhD and DMin degrees, three year MDiv degrees, two year Masters Degrees in Christian Leadership, Christian Education, and Theology, and several Diploma and Certificate programs that allow students without college education to get advanced theological studies.  Some students…


    Preview of May 26 by Dean of VUU’s School of Theology

    From Interim Dean Dr. Gregory Howard, Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology, on his presentation tomorrow night
    The nexus between “God is on the side of the oppressed” (James Cone) and Jesus’ declaration that he “has come so that we may have life and have it to the full” cast light upon the United States Declaration of Independence’s claim of such…


    Are We Moving Toward Full Communion?

    Some in the ecumenical movement see an auspicious horizon whereby a number of communions are headed toward full communion (in the sharing of the eucharist).

    One of these if Fr. John Crossin, OSFS, who will address this question on February 23 7:00-8:45 pm.   Join us if you can!   Link to the event Here!…


    Where is God’s Hand in all This? Epiphany 2021

    On Epiphany, Jan 6, 2021, cataclysmic events struck our nation, and many people of faith wonder “where is God’s hand in all this?” Consider: as a sitting President goaded an angry mob to march on the Capitol building, the legislative branch gathered there to fulfill a Constitutional mandate.  As white supremacists attacked the Capitol, black voters in Georgia turned the…


    Sermon Slam Preachers Best in Category!

    Eight remarkable preachers dazzled over 65 people with their sermons on Matthew 25:37-40… For “best in category” see pictures below!   Then we held a “lightning round” and one preacher emerged as the winner!  Congratulations to all preachers for a job well done–inspiring, timely, spiritual and focused for the days ahead.

    Video of the event is available here!



    Preview of Art at Apocalypse, Bible and Art Event Oct. 10

    These remarkable images are of two works of art that will be exhibited at the October 10 Apocalypse, Bible and Art Event at the MOTB. Below is a sample of other images of the Apocalypse that will be available for viewing.  Artists present during reception include Amy Gray, Margaret Parker, Deborah Sokolove and Tom Xanakis.

    Sampler of Artist exhibit items

    Register for…