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    Welcome New Students!

    Welcome to all new students in the Consortium Schools!  Just visited Howard’s big new class, and now at CUA’s School of Theology and Religious Studies.   Don’t forget, ecumenical studies only deepens and widens the understanding of your own tradition, so take a look at courses in other schools when the time is right!

    Also join us for the Consortium Orientation and…


    Healing our Frayed Republic: Pete Wehner June 18

    Join people of faith to hear from Peter Wehner on Healing our Political Life with a return to Civility and open Discourse. Tuesday, June 18, 6:45-9:00 at National Presbyterian Church, 4101 Nebraska Ave. NW in D.C.  Sponsored by our educational partners at the Reformed Institute. RSVP at:

    Info and RSVP for June 18 event  

    Peter Wehner is a Senior Fellow at the Ethics…


    Remarkable backgrounds in New Student Bodies

    I have visited 7 of our schools for orientations of new students, and what amazing students they are! People are discovering theological education from all backgrounds–law, business, nursing, religious work, teaching…   They come to deepen their present vocations in public life, or to pursue new directions and depth in service to the Church. Congratulations and Prayers for everyone on this…


    Shalem’s Seminar features Renowned Expert on Mysticism

    Thirteenth Gerald G. May Seminar—with Bernard McGinn
    “The Compassion of the Mystics”
    November 9 & 10, 2018

    Bernard McGinn, PhD, is a Roman Catholic theologian and scholar of spirituality who has written extensively on various aspects of mysticism. He currently is Naomi Shenstone Donnelley Professor Emeritus of Historical Theology and of the History of Christianity in the Divinity School and the Committees on…


    Welcome Students to Theological Education!

    In such a time as this, there is an urgent call to theological education for those concerned about society.   The world needs young people and other leaders with prophetic vision and moral integrity to call things as they are, and raise us all to our higher angels to do something about it.  In this we can witness to the Lord…


    Religious Education explored by Muslim and Christian scholars

    In March, the Consortium held duo-lectures on Religious Education in a Pluralistic Society.   The president of the Religious Education  Association, Dr. Mualla Selcuk (Ankara University) and the president of Virginia Theological Seminary, Dr. Ian Markham, shared reflections on how Muslim and Christian communities can reframe religious education and formation that recognizes social and religious pluralism.  Dr. Selcuk shared the Quranic…