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  • Cross Registration Procedures

    Consortium  students in a Master’s Program may cross-register into any Consortium School during Fall and Spring terms, provided the course title is listed here.

    Students from schools with January and Summer terms (Byzantine, Howard, Leland, Reformed, STVU, United Lutheran, VTS, and Wesley) may also cross-register during those periods.

    DMin students can take DMin courses at other Consortium schools as their student, but with a waiver of application fees.

    Biblical Models of Leadership class 2014-15

    Leadership Course at Leland


    Biblical Models of Leadership Class  with John Leland, Wesley, and  Gettysburg students, taught by Dr. Andre Shirin.




    Cross- registration procedures differ for each member school, but the steps below usually apply. Ask your own registrar about any questions or additional procedures;  please do not call the host school.


    Instructions for Cross-Registration in the Consortium (Masters Students)

    1.  Find the course listing(s) you are interested in by searching here. There are daytime, weekend, and evening courses offered at a number of schools.
    2. Check the course description to make sure you have fulfilled any per-requisites, and to confirm the day, time and start-up date.  (Double-check the school website for any last minute changes before the semester, as these are not always reported here.)
    3. Consult with your advisor to make sure this course suits your program and goals.
    4. Fill out the form for cross-registration at your school (unless your advisor does this for you), with course title and number, day and time, professor, etc. and send to your registrar.  MAKE SURE YOU PAY TUITION FOR THE COURSE AT YOUR HOME SCHOOL!

    Make sure you attend the first class on the right day and time.  The schools have different start dates and end times for semesters, so visit the  Academic Calendar to make sure you are prepared for that school’s start-up date.