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  • Student Board Members

    Welcome to the Student Board Page!

    Here you find information for your WTC student representative. We are here to serve you so please let us know how we can help you. The Student Board encourages all students in the Consortium to take advantage of Public Lectures and Student Events sponsored by the Consortium throughout the calendar year.

    Washington Theological Consortium
    Student Board 2018 – 2019

    Byzantine Catholic Seminary
    Need a rep!

    The Catholic University of AmericaTheological College- CUA
    Nick Cochrane [email protected]
    School of Theology and Religious Studies
    Need a rep!


    Howard University School of Divinity*
    Need a rep!

    John Leland Center*
    Sly Samudre [email protected]
    Jinsoo Hong [email protected]

    Pontifical Institute of the Immaculate Conception Dominican House of Studies*
    (co-chair) † Br. Josemaria Guzman-Dominguez, O.P. [email protected]
    Br. Isidore Rice, O.P. [email protected]

    Reformed Theological Seminary-DC*
    Need a rep!

    Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology of Virginia Union University
    † Jasmine Mitchell [email protected]
    Bryan Simmons-Scie [email protected]
    Peter Simmons-Scie [email protected]

    Paulist Fathers House of Mission and Studies at St. Joseph’s Seminary
    †Eric Hernandez, CSP [email protected]

    United Lutheran Seminary, Gettysburg & Philadelphia*
    (co-chair) John Deason [email protected]
    † Kevin Tracey [email protected]

    Virginia Theological Seminary*
    Gus Chrysson [email protected]
    Colleen Schiefelbein [email protected]

    Wesley Theological Seminary*
    †Kasongo Butler [email protected]
    *Julie Hagen  [email protected]
    * denotes schools entitled to two (2) student representatives with full voting privileges
    † denotes returning (2nd year) Student Board member
    Rev. 010/15/2018