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  • For Faculty

    This page contains a growing list of resources and information for faculty and administrators of the Consortium.

    As a faculty member from an institution of the Consortium, you can:

    • Attend the yearly  Faculties’ Convocation to develop professional relationships in your fields of interest and among the broad array of Consortium school faculties;
    • Participate in the work of Faculty Area Groups throughout the year to share your work, or do continuing educaiton.
    • Attend public events on Ecumenism and Inter-religious dialogue to build networks and for professional enrichment.
    • Take advantage of Consortium library privileges to enhance your research resources;
    • Review courses available from the Consortium schools in which your students can cross-register; and to confirm your listings.
    • Advise students on the Certificate options they can pursue through the Consortium – in Ecumenism or Muslim-Christian studies;

    Faculties’ Convocations

    Faculty convocations are regular events at which WTC Faculty can engage with one another on a topic of ecumenical or social significance. Below are some recent examples of faculty convocations….


    Faculty Area Groups

    Join your colleagues across the Consortium for opportunities to connect, discuss, and engage. Most groups meet at least once a year to share papers, to review their recent publications,…