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    New Book on Clergy Education and Public Life by Dr. Golemon

    We are pleased to announce a new book by Oxford University Press, Clergy Education in America: Religious Leadership and American Public Life, by Dr. Larry Golemon, Executive Director of the Consortium.  It explores how the early seminary traditions of Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish communities prepared leadership for religious and public life.   In short, the liberal arts pedagogies in these schools…


    Are We Moving Toward Full Communion?

    Some in the ecumenical movement see an auspicious horizon whereby a number of communions are headed toward full communion (in the sharing of the eucharist).

    One of these if Fr. John Crossin, OSFS, who will address this question on February 23 7:00-8:45 pm.   Join us if you can!   Link to the event Here!…


    Where is God’s Hand in all This? Epiphany 2021

    On Epiphany, Jan 6, 2021, cataclysmic events struck our nation, and many people of faith wonder “where is God’s hand in all this?” Consider: as a sitting President goaded an angry mob to march on the Capitol building, the legislative branch gathered there to fulfill a Constitutional mandate.  As white supremacists attacked the Capitol, black voters in Georgia turned the…


    Sermon Slam Preachers Best in Category!

    Eight remarkable preachers dazzled over 65 people with their sermons on Matthew 25:37-40… For “best in category” see pictures below!   Then we held a “lightning round” and one preacher emerged as the winner!  Congratulations to all preachers for a job well done–inspiring, timely, spiritual and focused for the days ahead.

    Video of the event is available here!



    A Kairos Moment in History? Join this Work…

    We are at a tipping point in history that can become a kairos moment filled with divine purpose and change. In light of the global pandemic and the growing cries for racial justice filling U.S.  streets, I find myself turning more and more to prayers that imparts the humility of faith and the courage of working with others for deep justice…


    Consortium and its Members Engage Racial Justice Struggle

    The Council of Deans of the Washington Theological Consortium will hold a Faculties’ Convocation this fall on “Toward Anti Racist Theology and Practice: Transforming our Teaching.” More recently, almost all of the Consortium schools and members have made statements and pledged to work on these issues during this turning point in race-relations and justice work….


    Faith Groups Also Demonstrate for Racial Justice

    Faith groups around the nation are gathering to demonstrate for racial justice in our criminal justice system, and for a nation-wide action to fight systemic racism on every front.  Today, as I went to the Consortium office at Theological College in D.C. I met a group of Catholic demonstrators, including many from the Maryknoll office, who were planning to protest…


    St. John’s at Lafayette Square a Battleground

    The sight of our Spring Friends’ event, St. John’s Episcopal Church at Lafayette Square in Washington DC, became a battleground this week.  Damaged June 1 by a small group of vandals who hi-jacked an otherwise peaceful protest in DC, the church survived without major damage to the historic sanctuary.  The next day, the Square was cleared of peaceful protesters by…


    WTC Continues Planning for Next Year

    Adjustments will be made for events in the fall to honor social distancing and use of masks, as recommended by public health officials….