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  • Is There Divine “Judgment” In All This?

    March 20, 2020 | By lgolemon
    Categories: Public, Executive Director, Covid-19

    Well, probably not in the traditional sense of God causing medieval plagues and the like. But the Corono-virus brings a kind of “judgment” by exposing weaknesses in society and our lives. Given social distancing, we can use this as a time of introspection and change for all of us. Here are a few thoughts about what God may be calling you to do and be in this time of crisis and relative seclusion:

    1. Thirty days ago, we lived life as we knew it. What of your life then was truly essential, and what now seems trivial?  And how can you begin to re-prioritize your life during this time around what is most important.

    2. Families will have more together time, so what face-to-face practices can you develop that can be sustained later:  playing outdoors, board or card games, enacting role-plays or dramas (thinking of “Little Women” here–truly great film).

    3. The crisis is serious, and many people we know and don’t know will be affected, and many more will die. Can you and your loved ones set up times to pray together for the sick, the grieving and our world?

    4. The creation is getting a “climate change” slow-down, so how can you build new habits of creation-care in this time to continue once the crisis is winding down.

    5. This crisis exposes the weaknesses of so many social systems: health care, government,  the consumer economy,  over crowded prisons and detention centers, and more. If you could choose one you would want to change in the future, what would it be? Now is a good time to research how!

    6. Affirm how much we need each other–reach out when lonely, reach out with support and with discussion and virtual play (heard two friends having a “wine-tasting” and others a “dance time” by Zoom!).

    Meanwhile churches are being creative by live-streaming or recording worship by leaders, making text and phone pastoral check-ins, planning ahead via Zoom and tele-conference, and bringing food or supplies to those who cannot get out. We are one body, and this time may help us all to claim how much we need one another to be faithful people.

    Larry Golemon