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  • The Ecumenical Challenge–Dr. Mitzi Budde’s address

    March 4, 2019 | By lgolemon
    Categories: Students, Faculty, Public

    Do you know why Ecumenism is a priority for the Churches?   Do you know how do go about it?  Dr. Budde guided the Figel Event audience to both responses with a stellar address that provided a theological rationale for practical engagement.   Communing with one another is a way of Communing with God.  As various churches live toward greater unity, we witness to the unity and power of God’s love and self-giving for the world.   We do it to witness to a hungering world in four ways;   Feasting together, doing Justice together, Journeying together, and Praying together.   Students from the WTC Board and Wesley lead us in prayer for unity and for justice. Kristen Wall from United Lutheran Seminary received the Ecumenism Certificate for her work.

    Stay tuned for a video of Dr. Budde’s  address to come!