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  • October 31, 2011

    Cross-Registration for Winter and Spring 2012

    The Consortium offers over 300 courses per semester for cross-registration by students in members schools.   There are few opportunities like this in the entire country!

    Imagine taking a a few days or a week in January for courses in “Drama for Ministry”  or “Mosque Leaders and Church Leaders in Dialogue” at Wesley; a course in “Pentecostalism”  or  “Theology of Martin Luther King” at Lutheran-Gettysburg;   an interdisciplinary seminar on “Sacrifice and Christian Faith” or “Spiritual Direction” at VTS;   “Faith in the City” or “Prophetic Proclamation” at Virginia Union in Richmond;    “Leading Small Groups” or “Substance Abuse Counseling” at Capital Bible in Lanham, MD;   “Covenant Theology” or  a seminar on “Hebrews-Revelation” at Reformed in McLean, VA;   or “Global Perspectives of Mission” at John Leland in Arlington, VA.   Some of these schools offer low-cost housing for such intensives, so contact them!

    In the Spring Semester, courses for cross-registration cover the fundamental areas of Church History, Theology, Scripture, Classical Languages, Pastoral and Practical Theology, Homiletics and more.  Some distinct perspectives include “Global Church History” at Leland; “Feminist and Womanist Biblical Interpretation” at Howard, “Papists, Heretics, and Idolaters in the Reformation”  at VTS;  “Reform of Teresa of Avila” at WTU; “Divine Violence in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Traditions” at Wesley; “Ecology and Religion in Interfaith Perspective” at Lutheran-Gettysburg; “Africa’s Contributions to the Christian Church” at Virginia Union in Richmond; “Liturgy and Time” at the Pontifical Faculty, Dominican House; “The Writing of Church History” at Catholic University; or “Pastoral and Social Ethics” at Reformed.  

    A range of courses also qualify for the two Certificate Programs of the Consortium:  12 unit course concentrations that allow focused expertise and credentialing.  For the Certificate in Ecumenism, consider “An Ecumenical View of Jesus” at Lutheran-Gettysburg; “Midrash”  with a rabbinical scholar at VTS; “The Trinity in Classical and Contemporary Theology” at Wesley; “Aquinas and the Fathers” at the Dominican House (PFIC); or “Patristic Theology” at Catholic University.   Electives are available in Anglican, Wesleyan, Baptist, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, and Reformed traditions.  For the Certificate in Muslim-Christian Studies, consider “Modern Islam and Its History” at Howard, “Prophethood in the Qur’an and the Bible” at VTS;  “Introduction to Islam” at Dominican, or “Religion in America” at Lutheran-Gettysburg.

    To Cross register:   search the Consortium website (http://www.washtheocon.org/cgi/courses ), check with your advisor about a course that interests you, and register through your school’s registrar.   Make sure you track the start and end dates of each school (as these vary)   at: http://www.washtheocon.org/academic.html.

    Finally, remember this:  Gettysburg is just over an hour from most Consortium Schools (consider how often you commute an hour in D.C. traffic!);  VU in Richmond is easily accessible by Amtrak; and crossing the Potomac River from D.C. to Northern Virginia does not cause brain damage!  The experience of each school and its courses is well worth the trip.