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  • March 3, 2011

    Work of the Consortium Office


    Sometimes I am asked what the four of us–Marguerite Connolly, Christina Hammett, Dr. Richard Jones and I– do in the Consortium Office.

    I often say we build bridges among the 12 schools and 5 associated institutions.
    Ours is a ministry of Service. Dr. Jones serves as Al-Alwani Chair and supports the Certificate Program. Christy is Consortium Registrar, Coordinates with the Student Board, and serves the Alwani Chair [The Chair is funded by the Heritage Trust.] Both Dr. Jones and Christy are part-time.

    Marguerite Connolly is Director of Communications, Consortium bookkeeper, Event Planner and general go-to person. As Director I am the ‘outside person’. I visit campuses, attend events, organize faculty groups, interface with ecumenical friends–and everything else listed in the position description on the Consortium website. Marguerite and I are full-time.

    All of us answer questions from students, faculty, administrators and general inquirers.

    This is really a ministry of service. It is not glamorous. It takes some of the humility I mentioned in my previous posting.