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  • December 6, 2010

    Ecumenism in Depth


    As I move toward June and my transition, it might be Good to reflect on some of the principles guiding the work of the Consortium. One of the principles is Ecumenism in Depth.

    I state it this way in my 10 points for new students:

    While some are saying: All Christians are the same–The Consortium Schools are saying that the traditions are significantly different. We are saying that for the ecumenical future, you will need more than superficial theological knowledge. We are saying that, to be truly ecumenical, we need to understand our traditions so well, so deeply, that the commonalities will become clear and new insights will emerge.

    Of course we now speak of Muslim-Christian Dialogue in depth as well. We owe it to each other to reflect the fullness of our faith in our conversations with one another. We want both the Muslims and the Christians to be both respectful and candid. A superficial harmony will not serve us. We must know ourselves well–and come to understand the other well. Then we can build a collaboration for the common good based on true knowledge.