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  • December 2, 2010

    Preaching at HUSD


    Sharing a few words at the Divinity School last evening was a fine and prayerful experience.

    The community at HUSD is always hospitable.

    As a resident in the Brookland neighborhood, I try to attend Wednesday Worship a couple times each semester. It was a pleasure to share a few words with brothers and sisters. I was asked, being a Roman Catholic, to say a few words about the season of Advent.

    Actually my sermon centered on an Advent theme–Jesus coming to us in a variety of ways. My notes for the Sermon will appear shortly on the Consortium Website. My style is very different from that of the many outstanding preachers I have heard over the last 13 years–but focusing on Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit always brings some point of spiritual enrichment, especially for the one preaching.