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  • April 26, 2010

    Ecumenical Dialogue on Moral Issues


    I have been absent from this space for a long time–on the road at various meetings that I will report on this week.

    It was a pleasure to serve with my two colleagues–Rev. Dr. Timothy Sedgwick, VP and Associate Dean at VTS and Rev. Dr. Robin Steinke, Dean of LTSG–on a panel at the National Workshop on Christian Unity which was held this year in Tampa. We explored, ever so briefly, the horizon for dialogue on moral issues. Suffice it to say, we believe that this dialogue has only just begun after decades of delay.

    The reactions to our workshop panel, offered twice, was positive.
    The attendance good.

    The need now is for following through on our ideas for regional dialogue on foundations for moral living.

    I am hoping that we ourselves can make a constructive contribution moving forward.