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  • February 3, 2010

    An Invitation to Monthly Prayer for Christian Unity


    Are you being called by the Spirit to pray regularly for Christian Unity?

    Having preached today at Virginia Theological Seminary [notes to be posted later] on Christian Unity, I am conscious of the need to pray for Unity on a more regular basis.

    In fact, for the last few weeks I have been wondering if I should propose that we form a group(s) in the Consortium of students, faculty, administrators, Board and friends [anyone who feels called by the Spirit] to pray once a month.

    My ideas are just forming–but some colleagues whom I greatly respect affirm the inspiration.

    I am thinking of:

    • a monthly meeting
    • no more than an hour
    • with sharing of intentions
    • with time for silent prayer
    • with a short time for bible sharing/communal prayer [e.g. morning prayer]
    • with an initial commitment for March, April and May.

    If you read this and feel the Spirit moving you,
    please email me at [email protected]