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  • April 4, 2009

    The Cathedral College


    As you many of you know the College of Preachers–which became the Cathedral College has been an Associate Member of the Consortium for many years. As many also know the Cathedral College will pass out of existence as part of the overall reorganization going on at the National Cathedral.

    You may not know that the College had a Prayer Service in the College Chapel and a Reception last Sunday to mark the transition. Dr. Martha Horne, retired Dean of Virginia Theological Seminary, hit just the right note in her reflections at the Prayer Service. She acknowledged our sense of loss at the closing of the College; She emphasized our trust in God that the future too will hold good things. As one door closes another opens.

    At the Reception it was very good to see so many friends–of the College and of the Consortium.

    You may not know that the National Cathedral will continue as an Associate Member of the Consortium as it seeks to express its educational mission in new ways.