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  • April 2, 2009

    Second Kreitler Environmental Lecture at VTS


    I have been overwhelmed by events in recent weeks and have not had much time for blogging.
    This is about to change and I will update you on events/reflections.

    On Tuesday I attended the The Second Kreitler Environmental Lecture at VTS.
    Bishop James Jones of Liverpool, Church of England was the lecturer and a fine one he is.

    His Title “What is the Role of the Church in Environmental Stewardship?
    The Son of Man and the Renewing of the Earth”

    His presentation–both scholarly and pastoral–raised many questions. What stuck with me is his question about the Son of Man sayings–could these be a bridge to our Muslim friends and perhaps to others. He called for study in detail.

    After the lecture, as promised, I adjourned with Dr. Richard Jones and his colleague Ms. Gurbet Salim, to their classroom to meet fifteen Muslim and Christian students who are studying together about Practical Issues. They offered very interesting comments on the lecture and then two students gave the weekly presentations. These were on leadership in church and mosque–fascinating to see how they even approached the questions.

    I congratulate Dr. Jones and Ms. Salim.
    They are pioneers in offering courses for our new Certificate Program in Muslim-Christian Studies.