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  • March 20, 2009


    We have several administrative groups in the Consortium.
    A very important one is the Registrars Group.

    The Registrars make the cross registration happen.
    [we have 180-220 cross registrations each semester]

    I tell all new students–talk to your Registrar, cross-registrations go through him or her,
    after your advisor/Dean has approved.

    The Registrars meet regularly to clarify their work together.
    I update them on various happenings in the Consortium–especially those which might impact their work.

    This meeting saw a review and initial approval of a Handbook for Registrars.
    The Handbook details responsibilities and processes–this will be especially helpful to new Registrars as they are learning their responsibilities.

    Thanks to Marguerite Connolly in the Consortium office for putting this Handbook together.
    And to Mitchell Bond of Wesley and Bart Merella of WTU for commenting on the first draft.