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  • July 25, 2008


    The move is complete and the Consortium offices are now situated–at least for the coming year–still in the second floor corridor of Dominican House but now on the south side of the building. The corridor on the North side will be renovated as part of the major construction project now going on at Dominican House. The new wing is going up to house the Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception come this fall.

    Going through the files–to save some and destroy others–takes me back over the many people and projects that have occupied the last 10 years:

    • All the materials for various ATS accreditation visits to the member schools that I have participate in.
    • The sermons/homilies I have given in various chapels
    • The numerous deans, presidents, students, and friends who have served the Consortium committees and events.
    • The many reminders of the recent growth of the Consortium.
    • A few good colleagues–I think of Fr. Jack Hotchkin, Vice-Chair of the Consortium Board, Dr. Reginald Fuller of VTS, and Msgr Steve Happel Dean at Catholic University–who have died.

    All in all I have many memories of the small and great efforts we have made for mutual understanding and for the best in theological education over these many years.