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  • October 30, 2006

    Ecublog post by Elizabeth Felicetti, seminarian with an ecumenical bent

    Yesterday was fall break Sunday, so instead of assisting at my Episcopal field education site, I had a FREE SUNDAY (these will be even more rare after I am ordained!), and decided to spend it with the Lutherans with whom I underwent an ecumenical internship last summer.

    This proved to be an outstanding choice, as it was Reformation Sunday, with special readings, including Psalm 46, on which Luther based his famous hymn “A Mighty Fortress.” My husband (a Lutheran) and I were treated to an outstanding sermon, which pointed out that Lutherans are not the only denomination to emphasize grace…

    When I called my parents in Arizona to tell them about my day, they teased me for the eleven millionth time that I am surely going to “convert” to Lutheranism. Clearly I am not doing a good job teaching them about ecumenism and Christian unity…I told them my dream would be to find a call that would be some sort of joint ministry, but they couldn’t figure out how that would work.

    As fall break draws to a close, I find myself anticipating my next paper: a comparison of the muscial theologies of Lutherans and Anglicans at the time of the Reformation…