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  • March 20, 2006

    EcuBlog from Fr. John Ford, CSC

    Ancient Faith and American-Born Churches: Dialogues Between Christian Traditions.
    Edited by Ted A. Campbell, Ann K. Riggs, Gilbert W. Stafford
    Faith & Order Commission Theological Series
    Paulist Press, 2006. Paperback: ISBN 0-8091-4321-6, $19.95.

    Can Christians from a diversity of traditions really dialogue? This book is basically a guidebook that presents a method for ecumenical dialogue, along with eight examples of ecumenical dialogues on a wide diversity of topics:

    1. “Holiness” — Dialogue between the Wesleyan and Roman Catholic Traditions
    2. “Reconcilition in Worship” — Dialogue between the Holiness and Eastern Orthodox Traditions
    3. “Apostolicity” — Dialogue between the Stone-Campbell and Roman Catholic Traditions
    4. “Creeds and Confessions” — Dialogue between the Reformed, Methodist and Quaker Traditions
    5. “Christian Initiation” — Dialogue between the Baptist and Roman Catholic Traditions
    6. “Teaching Authority in the Church” — Dialogue between the Stone-Campbell and Lutheran Traditions
    7. “Authority and Function of Scripture” — Dialogue between the Lutheran, Reformed and Roman Catholic Traditions.
    8. “Eschatology and Mission” — Dialogue between the Anglican and Adventist Traditions

    Each of the above dialogues includes a basic position paper from each participant, followed by responses of the participants to each other. Each response tries to indicate: where do we agree? where do we differ? where don’t we understand each other?

    The Introduction to this book by Gilbert W. Stafford is available at:

    The dialogue partners in this book followed the methodology presented in the article on “Theological Language and Ecumenical Methodology” by John T. Ford, which is available at: