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  • December 8, 2005

    From the Director of Communications

    (I drink cappuccino too, but I’m trying to cut down.)

    As the semester comes to a close, I would like to remind all eligible Consortium students that the deadline for Essay Contest entries is fast approaching.

    Please email me your complete entry by midnight on Wednesday, December 14th.

    A complete entry consists of three separate documents:

    1. your essay, which can be on any topic provided that that the paper is in some way related to ecumenism. The essay itself should be free of information that might identify you, such as your name or institution;
    2. a brief summary of your essay, 1-2 paragraphs at most, also free of identifying information;
    3. a page listing your contact information, including your name, the name of the Consortium institution in which you are enrolled, your email address, and either your phone or home address.

    Three prizes of $250 each will be awarded. Winners will be asked to present their papers during the Spring semester, and publication is possible. Contestants must be enrolled in a Consortium institution. Members of the Student Board are not eligible.

    This contest is sponsored by the Student Board of the Washington Theological Consortium and by the Ecumenism Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Washington Theological Consortium.

    For more information, please contact Kathy Pluth, [email protected]