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    Where is God's Hand in all This? Epiphany 2021

    The paradox of providence

    On Epiphany, Jan 6, 2021, cataclysmic events struck our nation, and many people of faith wonder “where is God’s hand in all this?” Consider: as a sitting President goaded an angry mob to march on the Capitol building, the legislative branch gathered there to fulfill a Constitutional mandate.  As white…


    Sermon Slam Preachers Best in Category!

    8 amazing preachers from 7 Consortium Schools

    Eight remarkable preachers dazzled over 65 people with their sermons on Matthew 25:37-40… For “best in category” see pictures below!   Then we held a “lightning round” and one preacher emerged as the winner!  Congratulations to all preachers for a job well done–inspiring, timely, spiritual and focused for the days ahead.


    COVID-19 updates and Fall Plans for WTC schools (Aug 20, 2020)

    This page provides an update of news we have from various WTC schools about their classes and future plans in response to the current COVID-19 health crisis. Please scroll through to find updates from each institution.

    Byzantine Catholic Seminary  Seminarians return for in class coursework Aug. 19, Andy BYZANTINE ONLINE courses…


    Welcome to New Member of the Consortium: Museum of the Bible

    The Washington Theological Consortium Board of Trustees voted to receive the Museum of the Bible (MOTB) in Washington, DC as the newest Consortium member as of July 1, 2020. Along with Associate and Affiliate members of the Consortium, MOTB will enhance Consortium and member school programs under a new category…

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