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  • Religious Education explored by Muslim and Christian scholars

    April 10, 2018 | By lgolemon
    Categories: Executive Director

    In March, the Consortium held duo-lectures on Religious Education in a Pluralistic Society.   The president of the Religious Education  Association, Dr. Mualla Selcuk (Ankara University) and the president of Virginia Theological Seminary, Dr. Ian Markham, shared reflections on how Muslim and Christian communities can reframe religious education and formation that recognizes social and religious pluralism.  Dr. Selcuk shared the Quranic philosophy, methodology, and outcomes of her collaborative research (published in An Islamic Worldview form Turkey).   Dr. Markham reflected on the more limited notions of religious tolerance in the West, sprouting from the philosophy of John Locke (limited to Protestant diversity), and challenged Christians to find theological ways to affirm the presence and integrity of religious communities from other faiths.  A remarkable presentation and discussion, as the Taha Al-Alwani Lectures for 2018 at the El-Hibri Foundation in DC!