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  • Say “Ramadan Mubarek” or “Happy Ramadan” to a neighbor

    June 5, 2016 | By lgolemon
    Categories: Students, Faculty, Public, Executive Director

    When you see a Muslim neighbor at work, the market, or on the sidewalk, consider a simple wish of good-will this month:  “Ramadan Mubarak (Moo-baa-rak)!” which means “Ramadan’s Blessings to you!”   “Happy Ramadan” also captures the spirit of this most holy of holidays, when Muslims fast all day, pray more fervently, and increase acts of charity .  The midsummer, new crescent moon marks the beginning of the season, which commemorates the time that the Prophet received the words of the Quran.  This is why one sees the crescent moon and star(s) on so many flags of Muslim countries.

    Be patient and supportive of Muslim co-workers and neighbors, as they refrain from everything from sunrise to sunset (including water), and sometimes lack their typical energy.  Muslim families and friends break the fast with an Iftar dinner each night, which is a joyful time of thanks and community.   Someday, you might be invited to an Iftar dinner, and I highly recommend that you accept, as the food is delicious, and the hospitality so rich!