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  • Sermon Slam Success!

    April 15, 2015 | By lgolemon
    Categories: Students, Faculty, Public

    We had 7 remarkable preachers at the annual Consortium Sermon Slam Saturday night at the 1823 Cafe, VTS.  Each had a powerful and distinctive message to bring us.

    Christian Anderson  from VTS   (a very dramatic and haunted Thomas, the doubter)

    Br. Timothy Danaher, op from Dominican House (a compelling appeal for gratitude that knows its Source)

    Sean Devolites from Wesley  (a truly slamming, kinetic homiletic)

    Akolla Etuge  CUA/Capuchin College  (animated exegesis of ghostly appearances)

    Venita George of Howard (crying to the cross, jumping for joy that He lives)

    Melissa Mason from the School of Theology, VUU  (a time traveler who witnessed that the resurrected Lord was present… and still is)

    Stephan Taylor  of John Leland   (poetry slammer who found the Lord–and Jesus hasn’t been the same since)

    All preachers deserved awards (and most were recognized), with special accolades going to Christian, Venita, Timothy and Sean.

    Thanks to the Student Board for sponsoring, VTS for hosting, and Minister Keith Perkins from the Board for organizing this amazing encounter with the living Word.