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  • Reflections on Holy Week–and Blessings

    March 31, 2015 | By lgolemon
    Categories: Students, Faculty, Public

    Easter Vigil smallAll of us at the Consortium pray that Holy Week, culminating in the Triduum (Fri-Sun) focus your walk with Christ in his Passion and Crucifixion, and bring you a renewed hope in the Resurrection.

    Let us remember, our Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Rite Catholic brothers and sisters  celebrate Easter a week later; April 12, usually with a great Vigil beginning Saturday night.

    Some Lutherans and Episcopalians have begun to revive the Vigil practice as well.  Many Protestants (especially youth groups) celebrate an Easter Sunrise Service–sharing the emphasis on dawn as the discovery of the Resurrection.


    I have noticed even free-church evangelicals have blogs now that stress Holy Week as a time of worship and prayer by reclaiming the importance of walking with Christ to the cross, and not leaping from Maunday Thursday to Easter morning, as traditional Protestants used to do.

    Holy Saturday is an often overlooked time of darkness and waiting, which many poor and overseas communities are reclaiming as a sign of Christ’s unity with the poor and oppressed.  I experienced this in parts of the Philippines where I was a mission-educator.

    May Holy Week unite us further in Christ as we are lead more deeply into the mystery and fruits of the Passion, the Cross and the Resurrection.