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  • August 23, 2012

    Welcome New Students to Consortium Schools!

    I find nothing more exciting than new beginnings.   As you begin your theological studies, I hope you feel the same way.   One of the exciting things about the Consortium is that each time you study at a different school, or attend a Consortium event with students, that feeling is renewed.

    Check out the Courses available to you in the coming year at our website www.washtheocon.org under “courses”…   Come to know each of the schools–by tradition, location, and unique course scheduling.  Several specialize in evening and weekend courses (like Howard, Leland, Richmond-VU, and CBS in Maryland) and most are beginning to offer more alternative and online courses to fit your busy schedules.

    Also learn about stellar professors–by visiting school websites, and checking course descriptions on our website…

    To get a feel for Consortium learning and communities, join us for the Opening Prayer Service and visit to religious study houses for dinner on September 13, beginning at 4:30 at Catholic University.  See “upcoming events” on the website for a description!

    Blessings on this new beginning.  May you constantly be renewed by the Spirit in new discoveries that enrich your faith and vocation this year!