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  • March 26, 2012

    To find SUMMER COURSES on WTC website: go to “Courses,” (on left) “Search Courses” and hit the SUMMER 2012 button. There you will find over 10 courses in Pastoral areas, 6 in Religious education, 6 in Music and Arts, and some exciting offerings in Bible, Theology, Preaching, and History. (over 40 in all!)

    Highlights include:

    * Theology of Martin Luther King
    * Biblical Storytelling
    * Jewish Thought and Theology
    * “Whose Revolution” using art, music, and theology of the Reformation
    * “Missional Evangelism” or “Emergent Gatherings”
    * Technologies for Vital Mnistries
    * Outdoor Ministry

    And much, much more. Questions? Talk with registrar or give us a call…

    ALL the Search categories are currently working (yay!), and Fall 2012 courses fully posted (but for one school).