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  • February 24, 2011

    Annual Al-Alwani Lecture

    Dialogue in Depth


    Some days are outstanding–and Tuesday was one of them.

    The Second Annual Al-Alwani Lectures took place at 3:00 Tuesday at American University.

    “Making Peace: Islam and the West”
    Dr. Abdul Aziz Said
    Mohammed Said Farsi Chair of Islamic Peace,
    School of International Service – American University


    “The Cost of Mediation: Who Pays?”
    Dr. Richard J. Jones
    Al-Alwani Chair of Muslim – Christian Studies
    Washington Theological Consortium

    These were outstanding–they will appear on the Consortium website shortly.

    A good crowd of fifty or more Christians and Muslims were present.

    Afterwards there was a Reception and continued conversation.

    Subsequently–at the Bess Jones Dining Room at Wesley–Professor Said, Dr. Jones and I met with students who are pursuing the Consortium Certificate in Muslim-Christian Dialogue and a few other friends of this program.

    The discussion was fabulous. A visiting colleague from England, a guest at the dinner, praised the fact that in the Consortium Certificate Program we are conducting dialogue in depth rather than skirting important questions.