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  • February 21, 2011

    Annual Bible Group Conference


    On Friday, the Consortium Bible Group had its annual meeting organized by Dr. John Yieh of VTS. As usual it was well-planned and attended. I found the papers and discussion stimulating.

    Dr. Judy Fentress-Williams presented a paper on “19th Century African-American Women and the Bible” with a short response from Dr. Lucy Hogan of Wesley. These women preached; Dr. Hogan, professor of homiletics, has extensive background in this era of preaching. Dr. Fentress-Williams used her expertise to help us to see some of the deeper meanings and implications of the preaching.

    With an approach I would characterize as non-linear, Dr. Newheart of HUSD spoke on “Did Jesus Start the Egyptian Revolution?” He used You Tube clips and other media to lead us into his topic as he invoked Howard Thurman and the Scripture. An excellent response by Dr. Depaah of Leland pointed to some of the central questions behind the presentation.

    Both presentations to me seemed to draw us forward to notice aspects that might easily have been missed–thus deepening our perception but leaving me at least with the feeling that I don’t really see that much–this was the same feeling I had 16 months ago after hearing Professor Schneider speak about icons [annual Tachmindji Event] and realizing that he saw so much more than I did.