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  • February 15, 2011

    Deans Council Meets at VTS
    A Dynamic Reality


    The Consortium Deans meet 4 times a year–the beginning of the meeting is lunch and sharing whatever is on people’s minds. Then the formal part of the meeting begins at desert with points of business.

    The Deans supervise the course exchange and many other efforts in the Consortium.
    I give them detailed reports on faculty group meetings, the course exchange, certificate program developments, and the like.

    The meeting was very productive as usual.

    An interesting aspect is planning for the future..
    Once my successor takes over, the Consortium will review–over the next year or two–the total operation and make needed adjustments.

    There was a concern among the deans that faculty members have their input.

    I was happy to report to them that in Linwood Blizzards’ preliminary work on Consortium Planning last summer he had interviewed a number of faculty to begin to get a sense of questions and concerns.

    The Consortium is a group of institutions working together.
    It must be and is a dynamic reality.