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  • February 4, 2011

    Consortium Student Board Prayer Service for Christian Unity


    Wednesday was busy.

    The Board met at 3:30 and had some helpful discussions.
    There was discussion of the Search Process–and unanimous approval of a permanent agreement for funding of the Alwani Chair by the Heritage Trust.

    The Prayer Service followed.
    It was well attended–3 bishops, friends of Bishop Hoyt, sat in the front row.
    Many well wishers as well as Consortium Board members, Student Board members, Howard faculty and students and others were in attendance.

    I must confess that after a Board meeting I am usually very tired.
    I was not tired a bit during the Service or during Bishop Hoyt’s Figel Address.
    The Bishop is an interesting, humorous, serious, ecumenically challenging and gracious speaker.

    The Reception took place in the Divinity School’s art gallery.
    This was a special opening for the occasion–I am most appreciative.
    The pieces in the Gallery are exquisite–and speak.

    Thanks to the Student Board and all at the Divinity School who made such an event possible.