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  • October 30, 2010

    40th Anniversary Luther Colloquy


    I made my annual visit to LTSG for the Colloquy on Wednesday.
    This is the 40th Anniversary of the effort–and also of LTSG officially becoming part of the Consortium.

    The papers this year were all quite scholarly in nature–digging into several different aspects of Luther’s thought–e.g. prayer. They will be available in Seminary Ridge Review, the journal published by the Seminary.

    Drs. Gritsch and Christiansen were honored for their years of service to the Institute and the Colloquy

    Dr. Gritsch reminded me at lunch of his many years of service on the American Lutheran-Catholic Dialogue which did much groundwork for the Joint Declaration on Justification.

    Dr. Kirsi Stjerna, current Director of the Institute for Luther Studies, was most gracious and welcoming as always.

    The sun came out during the afternoon–enabling us to have a magnificent view of the countryside around Gettysburg.