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  • October 26, 2010

    Dr. Kinnamon on Christian Unity


    One of the things you should put on your list to do—is to hear Dr. Michael Kinnamon speak. He is dynamic, thorough and provocative. In his address for the Annual Consortium Tachmindji Event, he covered the 100 years of the ecumenical movement succinctly and well.

    I was struck by his affirmation that our concept of mission has changed radically since the Edinburgh meeting of 1910.

    Mission now embraces thoroughgoing efforts toward Reconciliation of people.
    It is not enough just to end strife–the Christian must go the next step.

    I think that we Christians are indeed callled to be people of peace and reconciliation.
    Would that we could be so better

    We will post a link on our website to this excellent presentation.