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  • August 31, 2010

    Orientation Season


    Each fall, as Executive Director of the Consortium, I go through the Orientation Season–10 talks in all. Each is a little different.

    Some kid me that I do these around meals.
    This is not completely true–the Orientation at Dominican was done only around a cup of coffee
    The other recent ones –John Leland [dinner], Wesley [Breakfast], WTU [lunch] and CUA [ample Reception] all were connected with a meal–which explains why my girth is increasing!

    The Orientations seem characteristic of the institution— from CUA Dean Irwin’s emphasis on ‘reading carefully, critically and widely’ and Associate Dean Charles Jones’ recommendation of language study to Wesley’s morning community building exercises with emphasis on respectful theological dialogue in their diverse community. As you might expect, Dominican emphasizes its Thomistic Heritage and its new Thomistic Center– while John Leland has an overnight retreat to build community–and lots of singing and praise of God before the serious study begins. WTU as a school centered on spirituality begins with a prayer service and ends with the Eucharist.

    Each is distinct [see earlier entries on VTS and Howard]
    and enriching.

    The Orientations reflect the richness of the Consortium members–and the resources the institutions offer to one another.