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  • July 12, 2010

    Focolare Movement: Spirituality of Unity


    One of the delights of my job is meeting people and learning.
    Last week I met with Mary Young and Bill Neu of the Focolare Movement.

    The Focolare is a Catholic Movement for unity that began during World War II.
    It is a movement for spiritual and social renew with a very strong ecumenical dimension.
    Their focus is a spirituality of unity.

    Bill and Mary and I talk for well over an hour about the local and regional work of the Focolare and about the Consortium as a regional ecumenical organization. We agreed to try to be of assistance to one another in our important work for unity.

    They left me a copy of the Focolare monthly publication Living City [www.livingcitymagazine.com]

    In it I read this quote from Chiara Lubich:

    It is not that one church or another must die off (as at times it is feared), but that each church should be born anew in unity. And living in this Church in full communion will be marvelous, as fascinating as a miracle, capturing the attention and the interest of the whole world.

    To this I say Amen.