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  • March 2, 2010

    Monthly Prayer for Christian Unity–Are You Called?


    Recently I felt called by the Spirit to pray with others for Christian Unity.
    I ask a few friends for their reflections–and received suggestions and affirmation.

    This led to the following:

    I am thinking of:

    • A monthly prayer time with at least one other person—this could be the seminary community prayer time, a small group that prays, two individuals who get together or a dialogue over the phone. I think it needs to be with someone else or a group. Ecumenism is essentially relational. So while I pray for unity each day as part of my personal prayer, I think that this prayer must have some dimension of relationship
    • I believe that the prayer together could be 10 minutes and should be no more than an hour. This will be a judgment of those who feel called to pray.
    • Since traditionally Wednesday and Friday have been special times of prayer [and fasting], I think that these would be the appropriate days.
    • I asked for a commitment for March, April and May. The Weeks of March 14th, April 11th and May 9th would be my choices. The individuals would pick the time based on their schedules.
    • Prayer together might usually include a sharing of intentions, time for silent prayer and a short time for bible sharing/communal prayer [e.g. morning prayer]

    I feel this is the work of the Spirit—who will guide us.

    I will offer some suggestions for the prayer each month.
    If you are interested in the suggestions for March, send me an email at
    [email protected].